The idea for Puerto Vallarta's first and only women's-sized swimwear store was born on a sunny day as Robina sat by the pool at a local resort. Robina had tried in vain for days to find a comfortable, flattering suit in her size. As she looked at the women in all different sizes and shapes, she wondered if they felt the same disappointment she did.


"What if all these women wanted to buy a swimsuit on their vacation?"                                                                  she said and a great idea was born.


It was more than a year before Robina, her soon to be ex husband and their dog Schatzie left behind their Bay Area condo to head to Mexico and another year before the shop was open. Finally the dream was realized!  

Curvas Peligrosas was the first edition of that concept.

Time marches on, Schatzie went to the rainbow bridge, the husband became an ex.                                  

Founder and owner Robina Oliver continues the tradition with La Sirena Reina, beautifying Puerto Vallarta with her outstanding selection of swimsuits for bodies of all sizes and shapes.                      

Please come in and say hello!


La Sirena Reina has quickly become popular with both tourists and locals as the BEST place to buy cute, sexy, and flattering beachwear and clothing for women of ANY size.


Now in its fourteenth season, La Sirena Reina is carrying on the service and quality tradition envisioned so many years ago - carrying sizes from 8 to 16, and 18W to 24W.



COVID has reduced the amount of travelers to Puerto Vallarta since March 2020.

Due to economic factors, the difficult decision has been made to close permanently March 26th 2021.



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Swimsuits for Mermaids of ALL sizes

We specialize in quality swimwear for sizes 8 to 24

         La Sirena Reina