Try a variety of styles and colors  

Do not limit yourself to the same style you have always bought in the past. Step out and be a trend setter and pick those great new designs, styles or colors. Don’t be surprised that the suit you thought you could “never wear” is the suit that looks amazing on you. You do not have to hide behind dark, drab colors, stand out and show off your gorgeous self!


Quality is important

There are tons of cheap swimsuits on the market but they often lose their shape and sag or stretch within a couple of uses. A swimsuit that does not fit also does not flatter. We sell only quality swimwear. While our suits may cost a little more than those cheapy suits, the suit that fits and flatters will also last and last. High quality swimwear usually include built in bonuses like underwires or side boning, and hip or tummy support panels which help form and slim your body. If you will be wearing a bathing suit more than two or three times, invest in one that fits well and is made to last. You'll be happy you did.


Select A Style

These days you have a huge variety of styles to choose from; flattering tankinis, skirtinis, sporty one-piece suits, cute swim-dresses, board shorts, even bikinis. Don’t limit yourself to the same-old, same-old. Try something new, you may be surprised that something you thought you could not wear is actually stunning when you try it on.


Consider what you will be doing in your bathing suit

If you will be doing lots of swimming, you may want to choose a one piece with ample support and coverage. If sunbathing is more your speed, try the cute tankini, or bikini. Consider owning more than one swimsuit if you participate in various activities.


Still not sure? Contact me by email or Facebook at La Sirena Reina and I will help you select a swimsuit or two from the ramiing inventory being sold at cost.


Let’s face it; buying a new swimsuit can be one of the most exasperating endeavors on earth but our goal is to make it less frustrating and help you find the perfect suit.


We carry a diverse and vast amount of swimsuits and beachwear to flatter just about any size and shape in various degrees of coverage. You don’t have to skip trips to the beach just because you worry about exposing certain body parts; the right swimsuit will flatter your body and boost your confidence.


A good swimsuit can make all the difference in the world. The most important thing you can do when selecting your swimsuit is to make sure that it fits properly. Forget what size the tag says and remember the fit is what counts. Manufactures sizes vary, so do not get set on a specific number, you may need a smaller size in one brand or a larger size in another. Make sure you know your size when buying swimwear, use this as a starting point but buy what fits, not what size you want to fit.

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Swimsuits for Mermaids of ALL sizes

Buying Tips

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